MABA allocates portions of the program booklet to behavior analytic

advertisers, including university programs, service agencies, and businesses looking to hire qualified individuals. All ads are printed in color unless otherwise specified. They will be centered on the page if they do not reach maximum size (unless requested otherwise).

MABA also accepts items to be included in the attendee's welcome packet. These items may include paper inserts (flyers, post cards, etc.) or branded items (lanyards, stress balls, etc.).  Branded items and paper inserts must be sent to Julie Ackerlund Brandt with a guaranteed delivery date of October 11th. Please contact her for mailing address.

Expo posters describing graduate school programs or behavior-analytic service agencies will be displayed in the main conference room throughout the conference. If printing services and delivery is needed, there is an additional fee ($50) and deadline (10/1) associated.

Program Options

Full page front cover (limited availability) — $350

Full page back cover (limited availability) — $300

Partial page front cover (limited availability) — $250

Partial page back cover (limited availability) — $200

Full page (not cover) — $150

Partial page (not cover) — $100

Welcome/Registration Packet Options

Paper Inserts — $75

Branded Items — $75

Expo posters — $100

Recommended Dimensions for Expo Posters

Full-page ads 6.5 - 7.5 in (L) and 3.75 - 4.5 in (W)

Half-page ads 3.25 – 3.75 (L) x 4.75-4.5 in (W)

To request space, please submit the attached form and MABA’s Operation Coordinator, Dr. Julie Ackerlund Brandt via email ( will evaluate the submission for approval. After approval, electronic ads must be submitted no later than October 11th for inclusion in the 2021 program.

Please contact Julie for additional information or with any questions.